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Anders is a manager and has always been an appreciated leader in his former professional career. He is now responsible for a new team but feels as if he is unable to reach out to them. After each meeting the team agrees on what needs to be done, yet the result thereafter differ from what they decided. Why is it so?


Together with his team Anders is performing a MyNeeds® analysis. The result from the analysis is helpful for Anders to gain an understanding regarding his own, as well as his co-workers’ needs. Now he realizes what to do in order to be more successful.


Following the workshop the entire team gains understanding for each other’s needs and how it affects their cooperation. It also turns out that Anders does not have the same needs as his co-workers something that additional has complicated the situation. Today the team focuses on the receiver’s needs when they communicate, instead of targeting themselves.

  • Support individuals to understand themselves.
  • Provides a support for improved cooperation.
  • Provides opportunities for improved needs-based leadership.
  • Strategic tool used in both business and organizational planning.
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MyNeeds® identifies respective individual needs. Some needs may be in a conflict with each other and are therefore hard to identify and understand. We are all able to cater for our needs in a constructive or destructive way where MyNeeds® helps you to make the right choice. The concept comprises the levels of inner awareness, team awareness and organizational awareness and reinforces a development-oriented leadership.

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Everything began when Desirée Rova, the founder of MyNeeds® decided to contact scientists to get the answer to ” Why do we do what we do?”.

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“Why do we do what we do?”
That was a question I had asked myself many times.

“How come some people are delivering and some are not?”
This question I asked several hundreds of managers but no one could give me a good answer.
 To get an improved answer I therefore decided to contact some scientists.  It turned out that the reasons are because we are born with different needs we are not aware of which affects why we do what we do. This insight made me curious and anxious to find a way to identify the needs and thereby help people to both understand themselves and their surrounding better.
– Desirée Rova, founder of MyNeeds®


The unique proposition with MyNeeds® is that we have found a way to measure individuals unconscious psychological needs. The development has been done in cooperation with scientists at the University of Umeå and the University of Malmö in Sweden.

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What makes MyNeeds® unique is its ability to measure individual’s unconscious psychological needs.

Personalexperten in Umeå has in cooperation with scientists at the University of Umeå and Malmö developed the web-based analysis tool inspired by Self-Determination Theory. The two scientists Edward L Deci and Richard M Ryan have during a 30 years time period evolved SDT, Self-Determination Theory; how motivation works in reality. 

The SDT-research has identified a number of psychological needs as underlying mechanisms necessary to feel motivated.

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2013 MyNeeds® achieved the Innovation Price via Vinnova for being the first instrument able to measure our psychological needs year.

  • Needs
  • Awareness
  • Will
  • Culture
  • Result

MyNeeds® help co-workers/leaders to identify their unconscious needs. With this insight, the test taker becomes aware on how to satisfy his or hers individual needs in a constructive way. When all involved participants take responsibility to create conditions for a positive working environment that contributes to increased performance. MyNeeds® provides opportunities for improved needs-based leadership.


Our method involves questions, results and feedback given both individually and in groups. MyNeeds® works in all industries and cultures to help people develop and improve relations. As individuals, it furthermore helps us to become better at handling tasks and assignments. The tool also explains organizational group processes, cultures and norms. MyNeeds® is both practical and user friendly thanks to the customized game plans which are visualizing the needs of the organization. The tool is therefore also suitable for organizational development, sales, strategy work, working environment, value work and so on.

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We only need the email addresses for the persons who will perform the analysis, then we will mail them the information how to do the test. All individuals have the same needs in different scale and there are not bad answers.

5 minutes


You will get a key via e-mail which give you access to the analysis as is easily done via computer, tablet or mobile. The needs that are measured are: development, affinity, significance, safety, variation, and contribution. The individual written feedback focuses on our primary needs that affect us the most and control how we filter information as we evaluate the world around us.

Approximately 10 minutes


The workshop is a key factor in the developing a greater understanding of yourself and your team. You will engage in discussion and voice the measures you will take to meet your individual needs today as the result in the first part of the feedback is generally described. We work throughout the day with a customized game plan uniquely tailored for your team.

One day


Manager groups will get an individual review of the performance together with a certified MyNeeds® consultant. The purpose is to increase the understanding how you as an individual or manager can develop based on new insights. Performance is evaluated and an implementation strategy is designed. If the team consists of co-workers and a manager the feedback is occurred only to the manager unless otherwise is agreed. The feedback consists of a review of every co-worker and how responsible manager can work further on connected to the person’s leadership. Individual feedback to can be ordered separately from those who would like to go on working with their personal development.

3 hours with manager, 1 hour with each individual

OUR CERTIFIED EXPERTS About certification


We are looking for consultants who actively want to contribute to develop leadership, improve working environment and increase performance.

Become certified user of the MyNeeds® concept.

City:  Stockholm or according to the agreement
Travel and accommodation:  Paid by the participant
Language: Swedish
Sign up via e-mail: info@myneeds.se

About MyNeeds®

MyNeeds® is based on proven evidence-based motivation*. The concept helps to identify the needs of individuals.  Some of these needs may be in conflict with one another and are therefore difficult to identify and understand. We can all meet our needs in either a constructive or destructive manner, and MyNeeds® strives to increase the understanding on how to make constructive choices. The concept comprises the levels of inner awareness, team awareness, and organizational awareness, as well as reinforcing a development-oriented leadership.

The concept consists of questions, results, and feedback performed both individually and in group’s scenarios. The individual feedback offers greater understanding for decisions taken privately and at work; they explain why cooperation works better with some than with others, as well as an understanding for own and others’ abilities and potential.

MyNeeds®works in all industries and cultures and helps people to develop as well as improve relations. We as individuals become better at our tasks as well as handling assignments.  The tool also explains organizational group processes, cultures and norms. 

Prioritized parameters during the development of MyNeeds® was that the tool had to be both user friendly as well as practical in the daily work.

*Self-Determination Theory, Deci & Ryan 

The purpose with the training:

  • Become a certified trainer of the MyNeeds® concept.

Goals with the training:

  • Understand and use the MyNeeds® concept.
  • Understand how the concept creates conditions of development for individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Develop an ability to interpret, analyze and offer feedback based on the results with a coaching approach.
  • Understanding for the concept and the survey’s reliability, validity, structure, and characteristics.
  • To create a base of experiences based on theories, case studies, exercises, and joint reflections.
  • Implement and evaluate a MyNeeds® workshop with an approved result..


  • Motivation theory.
  • Development and description of the MyNeeds® concept.
  • Interpretation of your own as well as others’ results.
  • Reliability and validity.
  • Applications.
  • Material and tools being used in feedback sessions and during workshops.
  • To give feedback based on the result of MyNeeds®.


2 days and 1 follow-up day

4 – 6 hours studying the MyNeeds® concept


Target group

Managers, Human Resource Management and for you who are working with leadership, groups and organization development

A minimum of 5 years of development experience is a requirement.


After passing the diploma of the MyNeeeds® concept you are authorized to implement your own workshops.

Desireé Rova 300x300 Desireé Rova Stockholm +46736109288 Desireé Rova 80x80 Desireé Rova Stockholm +46736109288 “As founder of MyNeeds® my vision is to contribute to people’s fullest potential through awareness of their needs. That is a result that feels" Send e-mail
Sara Åberg 300x300 Sara Åberg Kalmar 0702-99 22 10 Sara Åberg 80x80 Sara Åberg Kalmar 0702-99 22 10 "For me, it is valuable to help facilitate the conditions for the sustainable leaders and organizations of the future. MyNeeds helps to effectively increase the understanding of our own and others' driving forces - insight in how we can lead ourselves and others sustainable with diversity of thoghts, trust and humans in focus - for the prosperous and growing human & organization." Send e-mail
Gustav Allerth 300x300 Gustav Allerth Gothenburg +4702256227 Gustav Allerth 80x80 Gustav Allerth Gothenburg +4702256227 "I am inspired by leaders who put their people first. Who understands that motivated people are good for the culture and for customers – leading to sustainable growth. MyNeeds® provides knowledge about people's various psychological needs, what we are motivated by. A well-developed strategy for working with motivation in the organization creates the right conditions to achieve sustainable growth." Send e-mail
Roland Porter 300x300 Roland Porter Olofström 079-347 99 64 Roland Porter 80x80 Roland Porter Olofström 079-347 99 64 “The road to prosperous workplaces and sustainable entrepreneurship is by creating conditions for better collaboration and empowered employees, where each employee takes responsibility for their own motivation. Being more conscious of our psychological needs helps us understand ourselves - a key factor for inner motivation - and gain better insight of others. With MyNeeds®, you simply create more effective teams and long-term sustainability in the organization in a shorter time.” Send e-mail
Lotta Stagne 300x300 Lotta Stagne Malmö +46 721 66 88 99 Lotta Stagne 80x80 Lotta Stagne Malmö +46 721 66 88 99 "My passion is to unfold conscious and active leaders who bravely choose to work with their personal development. For you as a leader knowledge of human motivation is of great importance to effective leadership. With MyNeeds you get an unbeatable shortcut to awareness and understanding of human motivation. This in turn paves the way for success both for the individual, team and the organization!" Send e-mail
Ulrica Kollberg 300x300 Ulrica Kollberg Göteborg +46 708971876 Ulrica Kollberg 80x80 Ulrica Kollberg Göteborg +46 708971876 "The key to long-term sustainable leadership is about understanding and knowing oneself - it all starts with an insightful conscious self-leadership! With MyNeeds, we gain faster access to this self-awareness and how we together can create motivation, commitment and long-term sustainability for the individual and the organization. One of the most important ingredients for results and growth. "Everything is linked together as a whole and starts with a why" Send e-mail
Pernilla Corizza 300x300 Pernilla Corizza Eskilstuna +46705667889 Pernilla Corizza 80x80 Pernilla Corizza Eskilstuna +46705667889 "As a manager I have worked hard to not only reach out on a team level, but also reach everyone I am working with on a personal level. By having this understanding of each individual - what makes them flourish - I can create conditions for commitment so each and everyone feel that their individual effort has significance for the bigger picture.To reach this kind of depth without the tools MyNeeds gives us today, can take years. With MyNeeds it takes days." Send e-mail
Merlina Käll 300x300 Merlina Käll Skövde +46708554990 Merlina Käll 80x80 Merlina Käll Skövde +46708554990 "I want to create conscious individuals, groups and organizations that have insight and knowledge about the choices and decisions they make. Understanding the needs of the individual, the group and the organization to be their best self – happy and motivated - and work constructively for diversity and inclusion.” Send e-mail
Klara Török 300x300 Klara Török Stockholm +46733540947 Klara Török 80x80 Klara Török Stockholm +46733540947 "Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Employee engagement is every organisation´s most important asset. With MyNeeds follow a priceless awareness of our underlying often unconscious psychological needs; how they affect us and how our decisions are made based upon them. That helps the individual to take responsibility for how the needs govern and it helps the leader to include all employees and unleash their abilities." Send e-mail
Maria Appelqvist 300x300 Maria Appelqvist Malmö +46 705 535 182 Maria Appelqvist 80x80 Maria Appelqvist Malmö +46 705 535 182 Employees are the greatest resource in an organisation. The question is - how can we facilitate a long life learning, competence development and a working life where everyone thrives? The key component is to learn how our unconscious psychological needs impact our daily lives. In this context, MyNeeds represents an innovative technology that gives leaders a tool to understand how to create the best work conditions, being considerate and able to motivate individual differences. Send e-mail
Manuel Timane 300x300 Manuel Timane Stockholm +46737604878 Manuel Timane 80x80 Manuel Timane Stockholm +46737604878 "I believe that sustainability is best created from inside and out. The MyNeeds instrument helps us to understand how we can best meet our own needs and also how to meet others. This is essential in order for us to create sustainability on all levels." Send e-mail
Björn Sandberg 300x300 Björn Sandberg Stockholm +46730684863 Björn Sandberg 80x80 Björn Sandberg Stockholm +46730684863 Motivation is the fuel in all organizations. In a team of individuals the levels and types of motivation can differ. Despite that fact it is important to act goal-coherently. By identifying the needs of the individuals well-functioning teams are being enabled thanks to MyNeeds®" Send e-mail
Marianne Strindin 300x300 Marianne Strindin Stockholm +46704562756 Marianne Strindin 80x80 Marianne Strindin Stockholm +46704562756 “Motivation is as the moon = everybody knows that it exists, many knows there is research done, but very few can fully understand and explain the moon’s effect on the earth and us human beings. It is the same way with motivation.” Send e-mail
Kicki Sjöblom  300x300 Kicki Sjöblom Gothenburg +46705240012 Kicki Sjöblom  80x80 Kicki Sjöblom Gothenburg +46705240012 “After many years of practical work with assessments tests as tools I can really speak about the difference with MyNeeds® - it is a paradigm shift for organization and leadership”. Send e-mail

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